GIANCARLO GAZZANI : Seduzione Coniugale OST – SME 60 LP

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We’re glad to announce the reissue of this previously unreleased soundtrack for the obscure drama movie from 1974 directed by Daniele Franco. Originally published by CAM label with just 2 tracks recorded on a scarce 45, our team was able to restore the music from the original Cam archive tapes to offer a proper vinyl edition that this beatiful score absolutely deserves. Maestro and orchestra director Giancarlo Gazzani, the great musician and arranger behind several Italian grails like FEELINGS and more killer Library recordings from Costanza Records, composed an enchanting and unmissable OST with loads of refined Morricone-esque orchestral arrangements, insane groovy beats and Nuova Consonanza-inspired Avant-garde music. The whole soundtrack is great with a huge strings orchestra that swings between sweet and flirtatious Bossa Nova themes and mental sounding experimentation with a driving drums kit. Amazing ITALIAN OST!

A1. COLPA MIA (titoli – vers. 45)
A2. SEDUZIONE CONIUGALE (introspettivo ritmi)
A3. COLPA MIA (vers. piano e orchestra)  afficher plus

Music composed and directed by GIANCARLO GAZZANI
Selected, edited and restored by Claudio Fuiano
Remastered from the original tapes by Lorenzo Fabrizi