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Gilbert Artman, one of the great names of the French underground of the 70s with Lard Free and Urban Sax has just recorded an album with Etienne Jaumet, keyboard and sax of Zombie Zombie.

GILBERT ARTMAN produces various performances with Lard Free; he will participate in the creation and expression of several musical groups: “Clearlight Symphony”, “Video-adventures”, “Catalogue” etc….
He will co-write with Pierre Henry the music for the Chemical Wedding for the Paris Opera. He will be the musical director of several films: Idris, by Antoinette Angelidi; New Old, A l’ombre de la canaille bleue and Visa de Censure, by Pierre Clementi; Mrs les locataires, by Rina Sherman, and the play by Cocteau Renaud et Armide, directed by Michel Orlande. He will also work for the Dance with the Groupe de Recherche chorégraphique de l’Opéra de Paris.
His research in “sound urbanism” will lead him to the development of the saxophonist group Urban Sax. The development and deployment of the group in different architectural contexts will increase with successive projects. This makes it possible to play both on the redistribution of the place (transfiguration of reality) and on the spatialization of music: based on breath and mobility, with a precise and modular writing at the same time. Special creations, made on request, have marked the path of Urban Sax.

ETIENNE JAUMET started his career as a musician in the 90s with Flop and the whole team of Les Disques Bien and the band Married Monk. But it was by becoming Zombie Zombie Zombie’s “man with analog synthesizers” in 2006 that he revealed himself. With Cosmic Neman (Herman Dune), Zombie Zombie released four albums; Rough Trade named their “A Land for Renegades” record of the year. Etienne’s first solo album, “Night Music”, (Versatile 2009), is mixed by Carl Craig and brings Etienne the consecration. Etienne has already put dozens of European stages from Cork to Riga into trance. His second album, “La Visite” was released by Versatile in 2014. His new album “6 Regards Obliques” released in September 2018 on Versatile Records is composed of jazz covers (Coltrane, Miles Davis, Art Ensemble of Chicago…) played on synthesizers, drum machine and alto sax.
Since “Night Music”, Etienne has recorded, played or remixed solo or with Zombie Zombie, Sonic Boom (Tribute to La Monte Young), Emmanuelle Parrenin, Richard Pinhas, Turzi, Alan Howarth, Sonny Simmons, Versatile Noise Troopers (Gilb’R, I:Cube, Joakim & Etienne Jaumet), Danton Eeprom, François and The Atlas Mountains, Luke Abbott, Yuksek, Le Cabaret Contemporain… He has been James Holden’s saxophonist for three years.

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