JOACHIM MONTESSUIS : Le Vray Remède D’amour – EM19 2LP

Seven tracks recorded between 2012 and 2019 with a “Boîte à Bourdons/Drone Box” constructed by Léo Maurel, a mechanical electroacoustic hurdy-gurdy with four strings and sliders to play an adjustable chord in sustained twisted tones, drones and complex overtones + one duet with Gaspar Claus on cello.

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Recorded and composed in Paris at Sophia & Baphomet studios, mastered (for vinyl AND for digital) and cut by DK Mastering by Thomas Gonet & Hervé de Keroullas – 2D cover made from the mesopotamian libation Vase of Gudea dedicated to the fertility and underworld deity Ningishzida, 21st century BC, and is the first known representation of the Caduceus and root of Hermetism.

Ltd ed. 300 copies.

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