LO SPORT : par Remigio Ducros, Daniela Casa, Gian Piero Ricci – SME28

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Outstanding double LP production originally released in 1971 on the very small Union label, founded by G.P.Ricci and Remigio Ducros. One of the most rare Library productions ever, a true holy grail for record collectors all over the world. This double monster features some of the hottest Breakbeats, Funk and Psychedelic tunes from Italy, with mental grooves, samples and themes. Absolute top of the top early ’70s Italian classy sounds. Entirely composed and realized by the brilliant Remigio Ducros, the Library men behind other masterpieces like AMERICA AMORE AMARO, AMERICA GIOVANE 1, TEMPO DI NAJA ecc. with Daniela Casa playing all the guitar Fuzz arrangements, percussions and effects. Hot lava like the breathtaking beats of “CANOTTAGGIO” or the Fuzzy Breaks of “MOTO-CROSS”, “GROSSE CILINDRATE” and the groovy beats of “VIRTUOSISMO GENERICO” speak for theirselves. A totally KILLER session, impossible to be missed!