SUSOBRINO : La Hoja de Eucalipto – RUP12 LP

Field Recordings, carefully chosen percussion, electronic spice and acoustic ingredients. This is the foundation for every recipe that Bolivian-Belgian artist Suso Perez aka Susobrino creates. In 2018, he presented his first EP “Mapajo” on Global Hybrid Records, amidst praise by contemporaries such as Chancha Via Circuito, Dengue Dengue Dengue and LeFtO.

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His new album “La Hoja de Eucalipto” brings alive a more energetic and aggressive part of Susobrino and presents a work focused on the ethnic and world sounds, mixing his masterful percussion with electronic beats to create a unique and distinctive sound. Organic electronic sounds for fans of downtempo, latin folk and shamanic electronics.

In this album Susobrino created a story of 5 beings looking for answers in their individual lives.

The first track “La Hoja de Eucalipto” is the ceremony right before the journey. It’s a three part composition to set the tone of the entire album: question, answer and interpretation.

“Despertar” (wake up in spanish) is the realisation of the journey these beings are getting into. The guitar interprets the rain as a cleansing. A fresh breath in, breath out.

“La Marcha” is the physical start of a long journey. They will be walking for days, weeks or even months. The exciting, courageous travellers leave their families and friends towards unknown lands that they never dared to enter. Many days of walking pass and they reach a new habitat. A dense jungle.

“Dispersion”. This brings tension and fear out of the 5 travellers. A 6min long repetitive song that interprets walking in circles. Everyone gets separated from each other and they question with doubts of getting out of the unknown jungle. Eventually, the 5 beings survive the unknown jungle. Exhausted and lost, they keep walking with no idea where to go. That’s when they stumble upon “Polahimán”. A mysterious entity who’s very eager to help and knows exactly where they have to go. With riddles and poems, he gives them directions.

“El Desierto de Pazmancú” A new habitat. An endless desert. Yet, the beings are refilled with courage, crossing the entire desert. That’s where Polahimán is waiting for them.

“El Enfrentamiento de Polahimán”. This is the endboss; The Final Chapter. The 5 grown travellers find themselves in many challenges. This is where you, as a listener, can interpret if it’s a good or bad ending. Or an open ending?

Susobrino plays and records everything in his humble studio in Belgium. Percussion, quena (flutes), guitar, charrango, field recordings and a yamaha dx9.

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