AAMM : “A” Trio & AMM – UN012 LP

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Back in August of 2015, the legendary London Grand Seigneurs of improvisation pioneers, AMM (John Tilbury & Eddie Prevost) joined forces with Lebanese electro-acoustic-free-jazz outfit A-Trio

(Mazen Kerbaj, Sharif Sehnaoui & Raed Yassin). Two generations of improvisers with a very differing approach to work, captured dancing slowly along a very thin line of fine tuned, both, clear and crackling improvised sounds. Harsh at times with magic mellow moments of intense, fragile, broken noises. No overdubs, no use of electronics. UnJazz at times. One time pressing. Side A

Unholy Elisabeth (Part 1) Side B

Unholy Elisabeth (Part 2)

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