IL MARE: Musica Con Strumenti Elettronici, Edmondo Giuliani – SME44 LP

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Edmondo Giuliani – “IL MARE: Musica Con Strumenti Elettronici”, originally released in 1972 on the micro-label Dischi Egede. A Mega-Rare Italian Electronic Underwater music Library production conceived in Amedeo Tommasi’ own studio and part of this impossible Library series titled “Brani Per Sonorizzazione”. Insane vintage synthesizers vibes and electronic atmospheric trips, seminal Underwater music originally recorded for a obscure documentary on sea in early ’70s by mysterious composer and orchestra director Edmondo Giuliani. Infectious and trippy Abstract Experimental music that plumbs in the sea depths with abyssal echoes, sound iridescenes and marine electronic themes. Addictive record out for our Underwater Library tryptych release. Another great vinyl obscurity is filed and published on our label with amazing renewed artwork.

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