KEVIN HARRISON : Inscrutably Obvious – SV145 LP

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Hailing from Nuneaton, England, Kevin Harrison recorded both solo and collaboratively throughout the late ’70s and early ’80s. While his early recordings would come out in hyper-limited editions or go unreleased for decades, Inscrutably Obvious remains his sole LP – a lost gem of Britain’s ’80s cassette culture and DIY bedroom aesthetics.

Originally released in 1981, Inscrutably Obvious covers a lot of ground on its seventeen inscrutable tracks – from analog synth workouts to mutated disco and shimmering guitar improvisations. The album maintains a late-night vibe, filtered through a post-punk lens.

Harrison clearly wears his influences on his sleeve – major debts are paid to Brian Eno, Robert Fripp and Manuel Gottsching – yet finds his own unique voice, combining quirky instrumentals and surrealist sensibilities.

This first-time reissue is recommended for fans of Chris & Cosey, Cupol and The Normal. Inscrutably Obvious sounds as fresh today as it must have nearly 40 years ago.

Track Listing:

  1. The Cantonese Detective Agency
  2. Some Aspects Of Music
  3. All Night Long
  4. Wooden Heartthrob Of Peking
  5. Chase The Dragon
  6. The Word
  7. Cyclotron
  8. Water
  9. Take It Away
  10. Flicker
  11. Stretch/1
  12. Stretch/2
  13. Horizontal/Diagonal
  14. M0903A
  15. Melodica Melodica
  16. People In Space
  17. Free-Float

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