SPIDER TRIO : Rendezvous – ASSO002LP

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Spider Trio are Wally Shoup (alto sax), Jeffery Taylor (guitar) and Dave Abramson (drums). Wally Shoup is a legend in the free jazz/improv scene. He has been well documented over the years, releasing records with Thurston Moore, Chris Corsano, Paul Flathery, Nels Cline, Bill Horist and many others in various combos. Jeffery Taylor and Dave Abramson are key players in the ever incestuous Seattle subunderground musical community. Taylor is one half of Climax Golden Twins and Abramson leads the Diminished Men. This LP is a live document that blew all the minds in attendance. Take your BYG/FMP/ESP/ SUN/ America/AKBA imprints and the sounds they represented and you’ll have an idea of the force and power of this amazing trio. This is some of the finest free jazz of the modern era!

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