LA TENE : Vouerca/Fahy – TRF033

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La Tène collect, listen and probe folk melodies and motifs of large territories, from the Jura to the mountains of Auvergne, weaving them to repetition and continuous sounds, electronics and frenzy until exhaustion. Their music, drones played with traditional and acoustic instruments is an invitation to the dance frantically, leading to euphoria or trance.

Cyril Bondi and d’incise are well-known swiss experimental musicians. They have a huge panel of collaborative and solo records. Cyril Bondi is also known for his playing in the jazz improv trio Plaistow. They play together in Diatribes.

Alexis Degrenier is a french composer, specialist in tranditionnal and slanted music. Besides his prolofic solo career, he plays in outrenoir, Tanz Mein Herz and Ensemble Minisym that perform Moondog music.