MIKE COOPER : Reluctant Swimmer / Virtual Surfer – CREP38 LP

The ‘icon of post-everything’, Mike Cooper, returns to Discrepant with a recording of a live set recorded at the Controindicazioni Festival of Improvised Music in Rome in 2003.

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The music moves very slowly through four movements: ‘’Reluctant Swimmer’’, ‘’Movies is Magic’’, ”Virtual Surfer’’ and ‘’Dolphins’’. ‘Floating in out of the exotic ether and disappearing like smoke, engulfed in the alien hugeness of nature… a very elegant set by a visionary artist.’

Mike Cooper says ‘the first half is played on my old 1920s National tri-plate lapsteel guitar and the second half on my vietnamese electric lap steel. I also sing two songs along the way. ‘’Movies is Magic’’ by Van Dyke Parks and “Dolphins” by Freid Neil. It was the first time I had ever sung the last song.’

LP artwork is a specially commissioned collage by US artist Evan Crankshaw

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